The judicial system has more victims than any criminal by far. Agree or disagree

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  • No one knows what others deserve for their crimes.

    Other people have different brains and grow up in different environments. For some killing a human is like killing an animal and they dont feel bad about it. Some actually feel good about it. There are people in other countries that think we are all wicked and we think the same about them. The law imposes its fickle morality on everyone. But we dont all agree with it. The judicial system hurts people when they havent hurt anyone or when they thought they were doing whats right by hurting someone. How can we be expected to be righteous when we dont know what it is? The law punishes people for not knowing right from wrong and just slaps a sentence on it sacrificing justice because its convenient to do so. They will offer you good deals when you get arrested and threaten you with years in prison to get you to plead guilty so they have higher conviction rates will blinds people to the truth . Truth is there are a lot of criminals out there that are getting away with their crimes while they stop looking for them after they have pinned it on someone else.

    And like i said the law is fickle. What is a brave heroic act in other countries would be a wicked cowardly act here. The law once killed people for freeing slaves and allowed hate crimes against blacks and today it does the opposite. They dont know right from wrong. All they know is what is convenient for them and god knows we will go along with whatever religion and morality our country attempts to impose on us.

  • There are laws for a reason.

    Background and environment is irrelevant when it comes to clearly defined laws. This is the very reason we have laws.... To tell people specifically what you should do and what you should not do. We as a society decide what is clearly right or wrong in the legal sense. If you clearly have an inability to follow these guidelines made then you should be jailed. I think your view on how the judicial system is extremely naive and flawed. Yes the judicial system can be wrong in some rulings, I'd go and say that some times the judicial system can be corrupt at times but there is no alternative that is better then our current system.

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