The King's Speech is the greatest historical movie of all time.

Asked by: WilliamsP
  • In my opinion, it is.

    I am aware that the film has some factual inaccuracies in it. But, the film is very dramatic and, to me, very emotional. I love the performances from the entire cast and I praise the style this film was produced in. I hope that this film, among many other great historical movies like Argo and Lincoln, will be loved and appreciated.

  • Who says so?

    This is not a question, but a statement. Furthermore, it's not even true. The King's Speech is highly overrated and is just meant to glorify the British royal family which in actuality had a rather unsavory role in World War Two, but let's not bring this up, since it would be unpatriotic.

  • Gone with the Wind

    I think that Gone with the Wind will go down in history as the greatest historical movie of all time. Don't get me wrong The King's Speech and 12 Years a Slave were great but Gone with the Wind changed cinema forever, it sold the most tickets of any movie in history and it will likely go down as the greatest historical film ever because it is still considered a masterpiece.

  • 12 Years a Slave

    King's Speech was great, no question, but 12 Years a Slave was something else. If anyone has not seen it, you badly need to do so. It's a great movie for understanding something about slavery that most people don't know - that free black men were kidnapped and sold into slavery for decades before the Civil War. It's horrifying, but absolutely brilliant.

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