• The KKK is not bad.

    Why is the KKK villified? They don't hate Blacks; they just dislike Blacks, And want them to stay away. Whites EVERYWHERE avoid Blacks--they think Blacks act strange, They don't move into Black neighborhoods, They don't put their kids into Black-filled schools, Etc. The best social solution is what Lincoln said: DEPORT all Blacks. They can be given their own country in N. America; Whites will help them from a DISTANCE.

  • The KKK Is Bad

    The KKK are terrorists. The KKK are violent street criminals. The KKK are far right wingers who support a family oriented economy. The KKK are highly prejudiced. The KKK are supporters of the former Confederate, Which was pro slavery. The KKK is against state assistance and public welfare. The KKK should be banned under all circumstances.

  • Lol F you David_Nichols

    You got banned from debate island because you are such a piece of s*** alt right troll that nobody liked. You should just leave this website as well because you aren't a funny troll and just edgy because your dad went to get milk. I can hear you crying as you type your racist garbage LOL

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