The largest lottery jackpot in history: do recent lottery changes benefit everyone who participates?

  • Yes, lotteries benefit everyone.

    Lotteries offer the average person a chance at being financially stable or filthy rich. The money spent in casinos and lottery tickets goes to help fund social programs and other activities. Casinos help to boost tourism and create jobs. We are all affected by lotteries in one way or another, even if we do not purchase tickets.

  • No they don't

    How can they be considered to benefit everyone who participates? Have the odds of winning increased? Lottery's are a scam and a way for governments to make money. They basically fleece the citizens. The odds of winning are horrendous. Some people waste a lot of money on a pipe dream of winning.

  • No, it only benefits the winner or winners

    Even if lottery jackpot amounts increase every single year, the truth is that only the winner or the winners will actually benefit. After all, it's the winner who gets to spend the prize, not all the people who bought the lottery tickets. In some cases, even the winner doesn't really benefit. Some winners have spent all their money in a short period of time without securing their financial future.

  • Not everyone benefits

    Although I disagree that EVERYONE benefits I do feel that many people benefit from the lottery. I'm not just thinking of the obvious winners who can receive life changing amounts but also the numerous charities which benefit from National Lottery funding. British sport also receives a large amount of funding through the lottery which benefits the sports men and women who can inspire a generation to stay fit and healthy. Not everyone who participates in the lottery benefits though as some people, like myself, buy a ticket but never win anything and are lucky enough not to need any charitable assistance (and unfortunately I'm not an elite sportswoman either!).

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