The law is in the wrong much more than people think. Look at history. Think we are different? They all do.

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  • No i do not think we are different than any other society which has horrible laws like we should all kill jews.

    Like all other societies the law religion and probably your parents have moralities that are convenient for our leaders. Half of right and wrong is knowing what crime or reward and act deserves. And people do not know that at all and they cannot agree on whats right and wrong. Everything we call wrong was once done by most of our ancestors. Theres no way we all know right from wrong. The majority is always wrong and they mess up life for everybody else. I hate religion, i hate god if he exists unless i deserve this and i would probably hate you if i got to know you or spent five minutes with you even because your most likely stupid as the majority of people are. Maybe the reason you hate no one is because you understand no one. Religious people are completely irrational about religion and law. Attempted murder will get you 15 years while murder will get you over a hundred. Now why is there different punishments for the same exact intent? Because the outcome was different? Thats the results! You judge the results and not the intent at all. So many many people are getting the wrong punishment because the law always judges the results and not the intent. Thats wrong doing right there. So what happens when law makers and jurors need to be punished if they know right from wrong? They dont but still an interesting question. Ill leave you with that. Debadeeba thats all fokes

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