The Left Says Trump is Corrupt: Will Trump use the Presidency to become even richer?

  • Yes, Trump will use the Presidency to become even richer.

    Yes, Trump will use the Presidency to become even richer because he only cares about his money. He even let his daughter sit in on one of his meetings in order to better understand how to run their business under his presidency. There will be so many conflicts of interest.

  • Trump is corrupt and the presidency only increases this

    Trump has been hounded by allegations of shady financial practices throughout his campaign, and now that he's president elect, this will not change. He will be able to use the Presidency to increase his influence both economically and politically, and unfortunately there is little we can do to stop him.

  • Trump will grow richer in some ways due to his presidency.

    Trump may not necessarily become richer in the financial sense, but he is sure to use his power to gain more influence and to steer the global economy in his own favor. This will likely not align well with those whose country he will govern. That being said, Trump's companies can also experience an increase in profit due to his celebrity and now his significance in history. The President of the United States receives free press due to the right of the nations citizens to presidential press coverage, and several of Trump's relatives have taken advantage of this free press to advertise their very expensive products.

  • Although, I dislike trump....

    Although, I seriously dislike trump, I doubt he did it for money. If he had done it for money, he would have given small little hints of it, like bringing economic and governmental finances into it. Hillary did a little bit and Trump did zero considering he always threatened her with jail or insulted her.

  • He has enough.

    Trump didn't run for office in order to line his own pockets. He already has more money than every President has ever had leaving office. He really has good intentions at heart. Perhaps at the beginning he didn't even believe that he could win the Presidency, but he has enough money that he will not use the office for his own gain.

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