The Legend of Tarzan movie is out. Will it compare to the classic books?

  • Yes, I agree it does look more promising than other adaptations I've seen.

    The filmmakers need to have a deep knowledge of the source material and Hollywood is not inclined that way unless it's a property that has a huge following currently. In this case, the sense among the Burroughs fan base is that Yates has done a better job than just about anyone else to capture the essence of what Burroughs was after with Tarzan -- particularly Tarzan as he was in all of the novels except the origins story.

  • No, it will not compare to the classic books.

    The Legend of Tarzan move has just come out. Many believe that the movie will be good from watching its previews. However, it is unlikely that the movie will be able to compare to the classic books. Many say that the movie is never as good as the book; because one's imaginations is better than watching a film. Also, it is challenging to make a movie that can meet the expectations of such a good story like Tarzan.

  • No, the Legend of Tarzan movie will not compare to the classic books.

    No, there will be no comparison between the Legend of Tarzan movie and the classic books. Today's movies focus too much on special effects, and the stories are overshadowed by the visuals. Movies rarely translate books to the big screen in manners that accurately reflect the authors' story lines and plots.

  • No, the classic books provide a authentic expirience.

    The classic books offer the reader the experience that was intended by the author. I am sure that the movie is of a high quality and is very entertaining, but it is necessary to see the story the way the author intended it to be seen. There was no movies when the original author wrote Tarzan, so we should read the story before watching the movie.

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