• The correct way should be BAC. B is much better than A.

    This isn't an argument. If A was a person I would hire someone to kill them. B is the symbol of bones and backgammon. A is for assholes and autocracy. I don't know what more to say. BAC sounds better than ABC. The Jackson 5 can suck by ass. BAC

  • Er no i don't think so

    Er i don't think so. The alphabet is in order A-Z, So of course A is before B. If B was before A then perhaps it should be backwards ie Z before Y and so on. . . . . . . . BAC? Why? So where does D, E, F (all the other letters? ) go? If its jumbled up it will be very confusing.

  • No, A Number 1.

    A is before B as C is before D, And E is before F. So why should it be different? First of all, B is the first letter of BETA, And A is the first letter of ALPHA. In other words, A is an alpha, And B is a beta, So it's common sense that A would be first. To say B should surpass A in order is utterly ridiculous, And quite frankly I want to speak to whoever made this opinion to have a word with them about this. Unacceptable.

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Shamayita says2020-07-16T11:46:45.710
Lol. . . What a topic!
Pisx7 says2020-07-22T22:21:02.533
The order of the alphabet is pretty irrelevant when I think about it. You could probably shuffle the position of every letter in it and it wouldn't have any effect on my activities, Online or offline.

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