The Libertarian VP candidate admits defeat, urging supporters to vote for Clinton. Will most of the voters go her way?

  • Yes, I think they will.

    I think that most people in this election are going to vote for Hillary Clinton. Trump continues to lose favor and with the Libritarian party withdrawing from the race, she is going to have more votes than anyone else. That does not mean that everyone will love her, just that her opponent is awful.

  • Yes, if people listen to his arguments they will certainly vote for Clinton to keep Trump out.

    The Libertarian VP candidate makes a cogent argument as to why people should reject Trump and vote for Clinton. He says that while some people might find Trump entertaining, they need to appreciate that he is not a suitable candidate for the serious role of President. He believes Trump is unstable and says he fears for the future of the country if Trump gets elected.

  • Yes, most voters will take this into account

    The endorsement and encouragement of a vice presidential candidate to vote for another party's presidential candidate will hold some sway over voters. Admitting defeat is a difficult thing to do, such as in this case, but it will add that much more credibility in voter's pick for president. It was pretty clear the Liberarian Party was fighting a losing battle but this endorsement for Clinton will most definitely send voters her way.

  • Most Libertarians will go for Clinton

    Most Libertarians will vote for Hillary Clinton, particularly since the party's vice presidential candidate admitted defeat. Many will agree with her social stances, and be outraged with Donald Trump's call to deport millions of aliens. Trump will not appeal to Libertarian's free market views, either. In particular, they are sure to dislike his calls to rollback trade agreements.

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