The lord never gives us more than we can handle. Is this stupid or what?

Asked by: steffon66
  • If 'handle' includes PTSD, insanity, anguish and death then God is kind!

    Apparently a compassionate god can't cause you undue anguish, so any suffering must be your due!

    Although superficially encouraging, this platitude denies anyone acknowledgement that their suffering is unjust. So rape, torture, murder, child abuse, negligent workplace injuries, contamination with industrial waste, deliberate infection with a life-threatening disease or a six year holiday at Abu Ghrab: you might be shocked to know that even if you haven't slept in six weeks and want to put your face in a blender, you can really handle it all! Bordering on fatalism, this argument seems to be the Christian version of 'suck it up, buttercup'.

    My vote: STUPID.

  • I think it is stupid.

    This means that the lord never gives us no more than we can manage or survive. So if you define it as surviving your clearly wrong as many things kill us. And if you define it as manage id say your wrong because people are often needed to do much more than they can manage and that is a fact. If you say well they dont have to do it all then your never giving yourself more than you can manage but what god gave you was often more than you can manage. Humans cannot do all that is needed. Therefore they cannot measure all that they are given. I wouldnt call starving people, an increase in mentally ill prisoners, and the majority unable to know right from wrong managing it. If anything was possible people would know right from wrong and no evil would be done in the name of righteousness. No person would starve. Innocent people wouldnt go to jail for things they didnt do. All of these things are things good people would end if they could. So either no one is good or not everything is possible.

  • There is one thing every single human can not handle

    That thing is death. Death is the breaking point of weather humans can handle anything or not, because once a person is dead, they can't even process their mind about issues they have. This can be shown with ever person who has died in history, which is quite a lot.

  • On the Contrary,

    I believe that at times, the Lord in fact does give us more than we can handle, but that is so that we are compelled to lean on him. He gives us burdens so heavy that we have no choice but to ask for His help and deny our self sufficiency.

  • Religiously maybe, in general no.

    The individual decides what it "more than they can handle". You will have people walking around with a debilitating disease and can handle and won't let it lead their life but someone else with the same disease may breakdown and have their life halted. There are a lot of factors that decide this, whether it is predetermind or not, I don't know, but is the general logic of it stupid? No.

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