• Artists have unique beliefs.

    Movies are vessels for lunacy because the people who create them often have fringe beliefs that a lot of us don't have. People who decide to make movies often do so because they want to make changes in society. Often, this means that they put their idealistic views into the movies we see.

  • Movies Influence people

    I believe movies are becoming a catalyst for lunacy. As people see these movies, granted they are obviously not well in the brain prior to, but are given the idea to go and do harm. Unfortunately you do not see much in the way of positive energy after seeing movies.

  • No, I don't think they are.

    I think the internet was the source of this problem, since that is where the rumor spread that this was a realy thing. I also think that lack of intelligence was a problem in this case. Most informed people would know that there was no way that this was a real thing

  • No, I think movies are ment for entertainment only.

    No, I think movies are meant for entertainment only. I don't think you can really blame movies for allot of the bad in the world today. I feel that you have to blame people who do not think for themselves. I feel that movies are only simple entertainment and should be viewed as such.

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