The Man in Question: Will Trump's Reference to Bill Clinton's Affair Cause Female Voters to Reject Him?

  • Yes, women are tired of being victimized twice for the choices of their husbands.

    To suggest that it was somehow Hillary Clinton's fault for her husband, then president, Bill Clinton, having an affair may be viewed quite negatively by many women. Women that have been in a relationship in which an affair has taken place feel victimized by their partner. To have a man that has a long history of not being devoted to any one woman suggest that it was somehow the wife's fault for an affair to have taken place will be viewed in an offensive manner.

  • Yes, it will.

    Trump's reference to Bill Clinton's affair was not only a low blow, but it was incredibly disrespectful to women. Many women, if they have not already stopped supporting him are going to stop supporting him because of these horribly disrespectful statements about women, but he has already lost most of his female fans.

  • Yes, I think so.

    This is not about Hillary Clinton behavior, it's something that happened to her. Women will not see this as fair. News poll . It found Clinton up 2 points overall among likely voters.Trump is currently losing among likely white women voters with a college degree by 25 points, according to the same poll.

  • Yes, the reference could backfire for the Republican nominee

    While Trump likely made the reference to rattle Clinton as the Presidential Debate approaches, it may actually draw attention to his own history of infidelity. One Democratic strategist was quick to point out that, while his supporters will love it, the white, college-educated, female voting base that he needs, will not.

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