• Is the Meaning of Your Life to Make Babies?

    From an evolutionary gene's-eye perspective, the genes are immortal, and our role, the meaning of life, is to perpetuate the genes.Reproduction is the answer to life's meaning cannot be dismissed quite so easily. Genetic evolution is the meaning of biologic life, in that it is the why and how of it, as well as the stock of future biological existence.

  • It isn't; for us, at least.

    I disagree with the meaning of life being to reproduce. That may be the case for animals, though. Their main instinct is to survive, and reproduce. However, since Homo sapiens have a higher consciousness, our life can mean much more than reproducing. This, of course, is if we're talking emotionally.

  • More to living than having kids

    Saying the meaning of life is reproduction means that all of our hard work creating anything and everything for our species is useless, which isn't true. As a planet, we're heavily overpopulated, and not everyone has the same drive for sex. Personally, I'm ace, I'll be adopting my children. My life has more meaning to me than my genitalia. Everyone has things they want to accomplish. I'd like to think those dreams are much more important than continuing a family legacy.

  • Then my life has no meaning?

    I plan on adopting all of my children, as the idea of sex makes me sick, and I have particular skills that allow me to be a great mother to disabled children and children who have gone through trauma. The meaning of life is vague and uncertain, but it better not be something as unimportant as passing on your own genes.

  • There is more to life

    Just because you reproduce doesn't mean your offspring will successfully reproduce... One weak link and your line will die out. It is important to maintain a society/culture that will allow your genes to be immortal, other wise they will fizzle out. Genghis Khan, AKA grandpa had the right idea. He left an indelible mark on humanity forever.

  • It is not the only part

    While this is a key factor in our roles as humans it is not the only thing. And simple reproduction is not what we need, we need to procreate with the best possible mate, in order to create the most successful offspring so they can continue the tradition with their children.

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