The Miami Heat will win the 2013-2014 NBA Finals

Asked by: un0bruno01
  • The Miami Heat will rise above the San Antonio Spurs to take the their 3rd straight Championship

    This is an opinion, I am not stating it as fact, but I believe the Miami Heat will take out the Spurs to win the series and the championship, LeBron James is a two time Champion with the Heat and a probable champion this year as well, LeBron will most likely be covered by Kawhi Leonard for the most part of the game as seeing they play the same position and Kawhi Leonard is the 2nd best perimeter defender on the team[Danny Green takes the trophy on that one]. LeBron will likely be the main focus defensively for the Spurs which can open up players like Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen to have catch and shoot opportunities, if Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole step up and contribute more this series could end up 2-2 by tomorrow night.

  • No, they will not win.

    The Miami Heat reached the NBA finals for the 4th straight time starting in 2011, and won the championship twice, but the Heat players are worn out and you can see it on the way they play. I think they lost their motivation to win their 3rd NBA Championship, and that is pretty obvious. The San Antonio Spurs are much more motivated and willing to win the than the heat, and they're outplaying them both on offense and defense. I really think LeBron James lost his motivation, I can no longer see that killer look on his eyes he once had, Age is taking over this Heat team, just like what happened to the LA Lakers.

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