The million dollar chip: Will Lay's keep its ginger wasabi chips on store shelves after July?

  • The new product will gradually win the heart as well as taste bud of customers.

    The ginger wasabi chips recipe brought upon by a nurse has recently won the "Do Us a Flavor" contest. The recipe was most voted among other recipes in this annual social-media driven contest. The flavor may take a while to soothe the chips fanatics but is sure to win over their heart in coming days.

  • Ginger wasabi chips may catch on.

    I think that the new ginger wasabi flavor of Lay's potato chips may catch on and last for a long time. People love the flavor of wasabi and they also love the flavor of ginger. I think that this flavor may call to those who appreciate the spicier and more exotic flavored foods and last on the store shelves for years to come.

  • Yes, Lay's ginger wasabi chips are a popular treat.

    People eat and enjoy the lay's ginger wasabi chips. If lay's was to remove the chips, people who enjoy the chips will be upset. I do not see any reason for lays to remove the chips from shelves, as they are a popular flavor from such a popular brand. Lay's ginger wasabi chips will stay on shelves.

  • Bad Move From Them

    For me it is a bad move for the million dollar chip to keep its ginger wasabi chips on store shelves after july, If I were them I will just let it circulate to the market because i thinks it is still ok for it to circulate. Well, that just my opinion.

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