The MLB All-Star rosters came out. Do you think fans should still vote?

  • Yes, I think fans should still vote.

    Yes, I think fans should still vote. People cheering for the All-star players should still have a right to say what they think. They should be allowed to choose who they think should be picked for the team. The fans are the ones who watch the basketball games and support the players.

  • Sam's should still vote for the major league baseball All-Star roster

    Fans should still vote for the major league baseball All-Star roster. However, voting should be adjusted to allow one vote per person. As it stands now it is nothing but a popularity contest where people can cast multiple votes, skewing the results. Nevertheless, what fans have some fun with this and continue to vote.

  • It is still the fans that count

    Yes, MLB fans should have a chance to vote - if only so they feel they have a say in the sport they love and follow. MLB is a sport driven by statistics and baseball fans love following those numbers. Any time a diehard fan has a chance to 'participate' in a sport, their loyalty can be counted on in the future.

  • Yes, fans are the backbone of sports.

    Yes, I believe that one of the reasons that athletes are so successful and popular is because of fans. The type of fans who vote for MLB players to be on the All- Star roster are the type that knows everything about a team or a player. From statistics to playing history; there are many dedicated fans who would make excellent voters when it comes to giving praise to certain athletes. I think that it is important that MLB fans still get the opportunity to voice their opinion because, not only does it make the fans feel validated; but it makes the vote that much more significant, because now it is not just a select group of people that could have biased opinion, it is a large group of dedicated people voting for athletes who deserve the awards.

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