The monetary stimulus: Should short term interest rates be raised sooner than expected?

  • Yes, short term interest rates should be raised

    To stimulate potential economic growth, it is my belief that raising the minimum interest rates in the short term would illicit improved investor confidence. By improving investor confidence, additional consumers would feel encouraged to invest additional capital in the market. Through this, many of the companies looking for loans, both small and large, would see less loan freezes. As a result, companies can invest more in product development and employee hiring.

  • Yes, I believe they should.

    They have been kept artificially low for far too long and I think we need to see how the economy reacts to a slow but steady rise in interest rates. I think the stock market needs to take a small dip before it starts to become another bubble. The growth that we've seen isn't sustainable for long.

  • Short term interest rates should remain the same

    Short term interest rates should not be raised sooner than expected. The increase to soon would cause consumers to decide not to take out short term funding options. I feel that interest rates actually need to be lowered to accommodate needs of those who need short term financing without them having the stress of paying back a large sum of money just in interest. If it is a short term loan, interest should not be higher than a long term loan.

  • Taxes going up is never something you want to hear.

    The fact that the government is constantly wanting to raise taxes across the board is something that we've dealt with since the beginning of this country. We immigrated to this country to get away from taxes and now most of our countries inhabitants are drowning in debt, can't afford to pay the taxes on any innumerable things, and have houses going into foreclosure. We need to start helping each other out a bit here. The county I live in almost hit a 10% sales tax not too long ago; one of the highest in the country. Not sure raising taxes will help anyone anymore.

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