The most effective learning takes place outside of school.

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  • From my sociology course

    I have learned from a sociology course that it has been proven that children learn more from their parents than from school and how parenting is done will determine the outcome of the child's future. It's also important that parents get involved with the child's school activities and education. Parents that put pressure to their children to learn bred more successful children. If not the case of parents, strong mentors can make a child learn more than just from the daily dose of school.

  • School Is More Comparable to Brainwashing

    Schools only teach basic a curriculum and what they believe that you should know to do well in the world, specifically further education. You can learn so much more on your own if you are willing to learn. Additionally, some students simply do not react well to daily school schedules and many restrictions must be made in order for large groups of kids to attend one school. This compromises students' opportunities for learning.

  • Social learning at school

    In their home, a child learns how to act when he/she is around family, or friends. But at school, the child learns, aside from academic subjects, to behave himself/herself in society. Which is of extreme importance. Although in their home with their parents they learn the basics of behaviour, which is of fundamental importance, it cannot compare to learning how to correctly act around people when you are unhappy or angry. Or learning how to respectfully address people.

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