The most shining cause of increasing altercation between the youth and their parents nowadays is the influential roll of media and internet on people's mind.

Asked by: seraj
The most shining cause of increasing altercation between the youth and their parents nowadays is the influential roll of media and internet on people's mind.
  • I would say YES

    But i think its not the youth's problem but their parents'.Because the youth,even they don't want it theme selves,they have to be up to date to match the world.Its not necessary for parents to change their life style too,but just understanding the changes and not having the same expectations as their parents had from them would be enough.

  • Technology and lifestyle

    I believe that technology is the basic cause. Technology changes people's thoughts, beliefs and consequently the lifestyle. Each and everyday you find new things around us so for sure you cannot live the same way as your parents did when they were young.
    Change is something that human fears and that's why it's hard for parents to face it.
    The other reason is that nowadays youth are more used to changes so they go for it themselves and they need adventure in their lives so they go for change themselves which parents can't stand.

    Posted by: Moti
  • Yes it is.

    It's too difficult for the youth nowadays to not have influenced by too many stuff in world wide web and different media around the world. And its effectivity reaches to its maximum in third world countries. It is Because technology is what has put itself to the limelight among the other material and abstract stuff which are being traded. And obviously the youth will consider it as a civilization factor. Consequently they would try to blend in the importer country's culture to show themselves civilized. This approach will make a vivid contrast between the today's youth and their parents as the yesterday's youth with different thoughts.
    But this shouldn't be considered entirely bad, because some of the thoughts from the past which some people are trying to practice are still left unquestioned and are being transferred generation to generation. Some of these altercation start with bombarding these thoughts with different unanswered questions.
    It's very good for youth to learn to think independently and question every kind of issues. Otherwise they can't be a faithful believer.
    But the point to take into account is that they have to question the imported stuff from progressive countries too. Because technology is not the representative of a good culture.
    I believe this is one of the boiling springs that water the plants of altercation.
    But they should forget to follow the courtesy in conversation with their parents!

  • I would say both Yes and No!

    The main reason caused this topic sprang to mind was that i was closely seeing how easy teenagers got into altercation with their parents on very unimportant stuff and ruined each other's mind for that. I don't want to have youths acquitted here and put all the blames on parents but some parent's inexperience is at the root of this controversial problem, and what I mean specifically rather than just some phrase is some parents before their marriage really don't care about the importance of being socially, behaviorally and mentally ready for this vital occasion. Without considering and sometimes by ignoring life's ups and downs assume it will all work out and they will happily live their life with nothing broken nothing thrown but nice dream ice cream! It never comes true, why, because their assumption will only work for the first couple of months when there is no responsibility and no kid, and then the gotta face the serious side of life which takes no more longer kidding such as how to grow their kid of which they have no idea. What youths believe, like and care about nowadays are not that strange, maybe parents wanna see more of the world. Kids may say: my friends all get together and go for camping in all their vacations so why shouldn't go along with them, or all boys and girls are nowadays on their own and wanna feel free and gave privacy and such. I'm not saying they are right or not, I'm only saying all these actions from children require correct and wise reactions from their parents and not just shouting in authority that 'NO YOU MAY NOT!' parents gotta care more about these kind of stuff and READ and GO FOR how we can behave correctly then to be able to have more good and happy family.

  • I would have to see it:

    I have never seen evidence that filial hardship is caused distinctly by, or even majorly increased by, popular media. The strongest form of media in our lives is, was, and likely always will be word of mouth therefore it's hard for me to presume that the digital age has drastically changed this.

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