The movie Suicide Squad: Should people be posting theories and possibly spoiling the movie for others?

  • Well yes they should

    Speculation is in fact just speculation. Unless somebody who is producing the film and leaking information that they know was not revealed then it is a spoiler. Otherwise it is ok. And let's face it, nobody is that smart. And unless that the theory is really obvious, it's probably fake

  • Speculation and discussion is a thriving part of most fandoms.

    Posting theories about an upcoming movie should not be considered spoilers. It is discussion seasoned with expectation and hopes. Fans of a genre are knowledgeable about the canon of a series and want to speculate with other fans about what may or may not be included in the upcoming movie. There is often worry mixed in with expectation because so often Hollywood picks and chooses what it thinks would make a better story and as a result the movie does not support established canon.

  • If the movie isn't out yet, it's fair game

    If the movie has not been released yet, unless someone has access to actual film footage or scripts, anything posted about said movie is simply a theory rather than a spoiler. If others do not wish to watch the movie with any preconceived ideas, they can stay away from those kinds of message boards and discussion threads online. Content posted after the movie's release, however, should contain spoiler warnings.

  • I don't care

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  • Yes, Internet users have the right to speculate.

    Yes, people should be allowed to post theories, even though they risk spoiling the movie for others. Speculating on the plot of future movies is a fun exercise that was done before the era of the Internet among friends who shared similar interests. Those who wish to avoid spoilers can do so by avoiding websites or threads dedicated to such speculation; usually, those who form theories do not force others to read them.

  • No, keep your theories t

    Everyone knows or should know the etiquette of movie watching. You never, ever tell someone who hasn't seen the movie what happens within it. You don't ruin the movie experience for your fellow movie goer. It is an unwritten rule, so no one wants to hear any theories or spoilers about the new movie Suicide Squad, which is due out in August of this year. We will go to the movies, get popcorn, sit back, relax and enjoy the experience together.

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