• A political cult

    The Nazi Party fit the criteria to qualify as a cult in the same manner as a religious cult. What qualifies any group as a cult is an authoritarian atmosphere; there is no room to be yourself or say what you really believe, all that exists is the will of the group.

  • By definition, they're not.

    For something to be a cult, it has to be a group of people that give religious veneration and devotion to a particular figure or object. The Nazi's didn't give that type of devotion to a specific figure or thing. Some thought that they were superior to everyone else. Some of them didn't even agree with the ideals of the Nazi party but followed due to obligation. The leader of the Nazi's was clearly motivated by religious reasons according to Mein Kampf but the Nazi's themselves cannot be considered a cult.

  • Nazi Party Supporter

    No they were not a cult. Nor are they a cult. They are a political movement who are a force for good. They brought a coherent political ideology to the world when it was required. It created thousands of jobs for a beleaguered German people. I would vote for them.

  • Yes, but mostly no.

    The Nazis were not at all a cult. However Adolf Hitler was motivated to find the Holy Grail, Ten Commandments, and other things. This was mostly because he believed them to be holy relics that would lead him and his regime to victory.

    The idea of the supreme race of Aryan descent has been around for a long time, even before Hitler. However he created the cement that made it renounced among the world. This later led to the American Nazi Party.

    Adolf Hitler was a man who believed in the paranormal sense, but the Nazi party was nothing close.

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