The new movie "Arrival" just released: Is the Aliens movie theme starting to get stale?

  • It has been done.

    There have been so many movies about aliens over the years, all the way back to E.T. There have been so many others, including Men in Black and some others. We are at far more risk from our own artificial intelligence than we are from aliens. Movies should be more realistic.

  • The 'Aliens movie' genre is not going stale, it still has great potential.

    We have seen a lot of movies based around aliens in the last few decades, from the aptly titled Alien series to more family friendly films such as E.T. However, I still believe that there is plenty left to explore within the genre, its only limitation is in the creativity and imagination of the film makers. Franchises like Star Trek prove that space holds endless possibilities for us to explore.

  • No, i disagree.

    The aliens movie theme is not getting stale. I believe that the aliens movie theme is actually good and lots of movie lovers are attracted to this. It is one of the best theme and therefore it sales a lot. The new movie, "Arrival" is actually worth viewing and will attract a lot of viewership.

  • No, the Aliens movie theme is not starting to get stale.

    No, the Aliens movie theme is not starting to get stale because it plays with our imaginations so well. Everyone wants to know what exists beyond our planet, which is why we are so fascinated by aliens. Who knows what is out there? No one does, and that is why we watch these movies.

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