The New Nintendo: Was Super Nintendo the best product Nintendo ever made?

  • Mario Paint Was Awesome

    Yes, the Super Nintendo was the best product Nintendo ever made, because the games were hard but they were also well-developed and fun. I loved to create musical songs with the different "instruments" on Mario Paint. I loved playing Super Mario World. When you died, your game was over. Sim City 2000 was another classic.

  • Super Nintendo is the best product anyone ever made.

    Super Nintendo combines everything good about classic video games with a new and exciting approach. Nintendo sold more of the Super Nintendo than any other product they came out with. Everyone loved it. The New Nintendo is great too, but it can't beat the way Super Nintendo captured the interest of an entire generation.

  • Not in years

    The SNES was awesome at it's time, but Nintendo's console were always special. Either it was processing power and graphics (SNES), innovative Controls (Wii), Risky Inventions (Virtual Boy), or just a very decent console (GameCube) [that's just a vague list]
    So no it cannot be the best, because there is no competition between the consoles itself

  • Meh, I think....

    The SNES was awesome, but I think the N64 and 3DS are two of Nintendo's best products. Mostly because of the healthy balance of story and gameplay in most games in each library. For instance, Fire Emblem: Awakening is my favorite game on the 3DS and Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask was my favorite on N64. Both great games with awesome story telling and fun gameplay!

  • Not At All

    I think Nintendo's greatest was the first console they produced. Super Nintendo was a step up in the line of progression and so I can see where many people would think it is the best. Their following consoles have been disappointing so I wouldn't consider them great in any stretch of the imagination.

  • Wii Was The Best

    Nintendo products have always had a niche market, and for those of us who loved the Commodore 64 and Atari in the past, Super Nintendo was the next generation. But the Wii revolutionized home game play, and many youngsters still use the Wii heavily today. Super Nintendo was brilliant, but Wii was even better.

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