• Yes, there is a rising star on the horizon.

    Yes, there is a rising star on the horizon because the Giants are now in the hunt for a playoff position. They were not expected to do much this season, but their team has been clicking and it does not seem like they will be stopped. They are true contenders.

  • Yes, it seems possible

    The New York Giants have had their share of fame in the past, but it is highly possible that their name is going to become more well-known and that their successes will be more common. Whether their recent rise has been due to better players, better training, or better coaching, it is undoubtedly going to last for a while.

  • It seems so

    Landon Collins seems like a good candidate for a NY Giants rising star. He's had 74 tackles , 4 picks, 3 sacks and a touchdown. That seems fairly ascendant to me. Beckham Jr is pretty much already a star, and Collins is getting some good press for his recent play.

  • A perfectly average team

    There is really nothing to indicate the Giants will be anything more than they have been - a .500 team capable of imploding or exploding on any given Sunday. If the Giants get hot, and things break their way, they have the talent and experience to go deep into the playoffs. Alternatively, one bad break and they will be watching the playoffs from their respective couches.

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