The New York Times wins four Pulitzer Prizes: Do they deserve them?

  • The New York Times deserves this prestige

    The Times is one of the top news sources in the US and remains biased to the facts. Only its Op-Ed is mostly left-leaning, while the rest of its news coverage is highly reliable.
    Most of the criticism directed at the NYT are just claims with little, if not, unreliable support.

  • New York Times Deserves the Prizes

    The New York Times company has gone a long way throughout its history. As all other companies and businesses, it has made mistakes, but there are very few. It is prosperous and successful in its compliance with modern digital standards. It is very known for bringing up effective debate topics, and standing up for it the proposed ideas.

  • No, the New York Times is a terrible newspaper

    It's a sad commentary on the state of the newspaper business when The New York Times is awarded any sort of accolades for reporting. Newspapers are a dying breed because of their willingness to simply repeat a story, instead of investigating and reporting on it. Hard-hitting journalism is a thing of the past, and The New York Times is one of the main culprits.

  • No, NYT does not deserve that many Pulitzer prizes.

    There are many other publications that are just as or more deserving of a Pulitzer Prize than the New York Times. It seems suspicious that it won four, as if there may have been some sort of business transaction. The New York Times is one of the nation's top and probably most known newspaper and the Pulitzer label will definitely help keep it at its power status. This does not seem fair to other publications which may have been passed up because they are less known, but a Pulitzer Prizer could have given them the recognition to grow.

  • No, they don't

    No, I would have to disagree that the New York Times deserves the Pulitzer Prize awards that were given to them this year. The New York Times is a significantly overrated newspaper and really does make a lot of mistakes that seem to go unnoticed by most of the public at large.

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