• Just over it.

    Its just a game, a distraction. You can get the same excitement and fun and crisp weather and peanuts and coca cola at a college game. Plus there are less hip hopping thuggish millionaires in college. The travel time and parking hassles at an nfl venue just make it even barder to want to go.

  • No longer a blue collar sport

    I love my football but football has gone down the drain, I remember going to Cleveland Browns games as a child sitting in the "Dawg Pound" with die hard Browns fans who had to go to work their 9-5 jobs at the steel mill the next morning, but those days are long gone and those diehard fans have been replaced by corporate Americans who have more money than they know what to do with. The blue collar fans are no longer wanted in today's NFL. PSL's and greed have destroyed the sport for the true fans who invented it.

  • Yes, the cost of attending an NFL game is too expensive

    The average cost of an NFL ticket is close to $117 and the increase has been dramatic over the past ten years. The most expensive games at the Seahawks and Broncos stadiums. It is not fair for loyal fans to be priced out of a game and the profits are clearly being made for players and owners.

  • It's not for families.

    Even the least expensive NFL tickets are about $50 each. Then you have to pay for parking and maybe pay for a hot dog at the game. By the time you've done all of that, it's out of reach for an ordinary family. The NFL should think more about catering to fans than about lining the pockets of the owners.

  • Yes, it is becoming too expensive to go to an NFL game.

    The NFL is greedy and has raised ticket prices to a level where many normal people can no longer afford to bring their families to a game. These people are unfortunately often the most die-hard fans of the teams. The stadium atmosphere consequently suffers because the loudest, most passionate supporters are either sitting at home or at a bar somewhere watching the games on TV.

  • I meant Yes, sort of

    I think that whilst tickets and other things about the NFL are very overpriced, if the money is used in a way which benefits society, whether through economic developments or through reducing levels of deprivation in certain areas, than the money will be fed back into the public who paid to watch the game.

  • No, games are not too expensive.

    Yes, many consider attending NFL games to be expensive. The costs of tickets and food/drinks at stadiums is high. However, millions of football fans attend NFL games every season. Therefore, it is not technically too expensive to attend an NFL game. It just depends on the fan and how much money he has to spend on tickets.

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