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The NFL split $7.24 billion in revenue with 32 teams last season. Does this represent a high water mark?

  • Yes, this represents a high water mark.

    The NFL was able to split over $7 billion in revenue among its 32 teams last season. This amount marks a high water mark in revenue sharing. There is more then enough money to be split between players, teams and owners. Most industries are not so lucky to enjoy this kind of success. The NFL is fortunate.

  • Yes, hopefully it is.

    The NFL is losing ground and losing popularity. People are slowly starting to come around and realize that it is a corrupt organization. From its cover-ups of information about concussions and CTE to its failure to act appropriately regarding domestic violence and violence against women, the NFL is continually shown to be a scummy organization, and people are responding. TV ratings were down this season, and I expect that to continue unless the NFL begins to change and become more proactive about its many problems.

  • The NFL still has yet to full monetize its Internet assets.

    The $7.24 billion in revenue the NFL earned last season will not be the "high water mark" for league income. The NFL Network and NFL Properties have to yet fully monetize their Internet assets; when they do it should easily add a billion dollars plus per year to the league's income.

  • It constantly goes upwards.

    There is no way that the NFL is going to be happy with that much revenue. Their owners always want more. They will continue to drive prices up and reach for more dollars from merchandising and other efforts, in addition to ticket sales. It will become more out of reach for the average Joe while people profit.

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