• The Nordic Federation

    The Nordic Federation would be a country existing of the regions, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Greenland and faraoe islands.

    All of the Nordic countries have a common culture, aside from Finland which has a minimally different one. The languages of the country would be regional, the communication language between different regions could be English, as everyone learns it in school fluently.

    The Nordic Federation would be in the top 4 strongest nations in the EU, with the 10th best economy, one of the best quality of life, best education system, amazing healthcare, it would easily be one of the greatest nations on the planet.

    The population would just be around 25 million, however that doesn't mean it'll be small politically. The Nordic Federation would also most likely have the most power in the baltic sea.

    The Nordic Federation would indeed have their neighbor Russia, and Russia does want the Finnish region. However if the Nordic Federation is created, Russia will in no shape or form have the power to take Finland, not economically and not militarily, as the Nordic Federation would most likely be a huge ally to NATO.

  • Supported, but not fully agreed upon in the form presented in this debate.

    This could happen, but seems highly unlikely. The Nordic council is a bunch of children arguing. We wouldn't even be able to agree on a darn Capital. But yes I support the idea because it would help out the region sooo much in the long run. The Second Kalmar Union will be a reality... Eventually.

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