• It's a direct violation of our first amendment right and as we are not in wartime the most sedacious act the government can do

    The government is not here to protect the people of the United States of America. They have continually violated every constitutional right and usurped the constitution to press forward their political agenda. The government does not and should not have the right to spy on United States citizens. If they have a reason to search our private messages they constitutionally have to obtain a warrant. When we give up our liberties for security the term liberty no longer applies. The fact the United States is collecting data without going through any of the proper channels should worry everyone. As the federal government is stronger than any of the finding fathers wanted.

  • The NSA has breached the nation's privacy, and it bothers me.

    The NSA has blatantly disregarded any form of personal privacy notions. They say that its not a personal privacy violation because everyone is being violated. I'm not sure how that makes it right, but for some people it is OK. I am not worried about the NSA knowing what I google for on the internet. I'm worried about being the target of an investigation because I googled Vladimir Putin 3 times in two days for some research.

  • Yes, I am.

    I am not sitting around in a state of anxiety personally worrying about what the government will find on me due to the collection the NSA is doing. I think that they probably have little if anything on the average person. I just find the concept and the fact that they can and have been doing this worrying in general.

  • I Do Worry About This

    As an American citizen I am concerned about the personal data that the NSA collects. I personally feel as though my privacy has been breached and I feel I should have the right to opt out of these invasive procedures. It also concerns me because their programs have sullied the American brand and put our businesses at risk.

  • Individuals should be transparent, not governments

    Unless we, personally are doing something nefarious, we should not worry about the information OUR government collects. IF you don't have faith in our government, then enact change. Acting like a snowed-en only undermines the strength of the US. How well would the Allies have done if they were transparent to the AXIS powers ? All countries need "secret" organizations and they do have secret orgs.

  • No, I am not worried about the collection of personal data.

    I personally am not too overly concerned with the personal data the NSA is collecting. I think the data is being collected in case a need arises where it needs to be sifted through. I think the data will probably end up sitting in files on hard drives, untouched for years.

  • The government is doing its job in keeping track.

    I am not worried about the NSA's collection of data. I think it is good that the government keeps track of things for the good of the government and the country. There is not much in this electronic age that can be hidden. It should help people stay on good behavior.

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