• Pizza is Great. Three is Necessary and Beautiful.

    The number 3 is a link in the theoretically infinite chain of numbers. It is the highest prime number to come immediately after a prime number.

    It is symbolically representative of complete Human nature and the Holy Trinity, Without which pizza would never have existed anyways. It also assists the existence of pizza by being an efficient distribution of pressure against the box in those little "table" things in the middle. There are also other wonderful foods to enjoy besides pizza, And the existence of 3 is necessitated by arithmetic. You can replace pizza with pie, But you can't replace 3 with pi.

    3 serves purposes in addition to the ones pizza serves: You may need eggs for your recipe greater than 2 and less than one, But must choose an integer. You may only have 3 slices of pizza left, Making your pizza dependent on 3. In any case, Whatever your pizza is depends on its relationship to the number 3 in every aspect from its contents to its spatial coordinates to its freshness and warmth to who is its rightful owner to how much "3" is.

    Your pizza plus delivery plus taxes and tips may have come out to $29. 73, Which in a civilized world implies that you must first have paid an amount involving a ones-place of 3.

  • Yes but no

    Because yes is better than no but no is better than yes at the same time, So the question remains what is better 3 or pizza?

    I'm back because I have to fill the word count of fifty words. This is weird sorry to waste your time.

    Pizza Pizza Pizaa

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