The number of people who regret voting for Brexit is now greater than the margin of victory for Leave. Should the country vote again?

  • There is precedent for this.

    Previously, the voters of Ireland chose to reject the Lisbon Treaty which had to be ratified by all European Union member states. Following a refreshed campaign and a second vote, the country decided that they would vote differently. This decision is not one that the Republic of Ireland appear to regret. It is likely that the same thing would happen in the United Kingdom if there was a second vote.

  • Brexit should be revisited. It was a bad decision, and its reversal would be of great benefit to Britain.

    Brexit was a bad decision, with the British people voting without understanding the real consequences of their vote. It would be embarrassing for the British government to call another referendum, but it would be far better to be embarrassed than to ruin the British economy and reduce its standing in the world.

  • Yes, the country should vote again.

    Yes, the country should vote again because most people did not even know what they were voting for in the first place. They should now look at all of the different possibilities and cast more educated ballots. This is the way democracies should work. If something is broken, let people vote.

  • No, the country should not vote again on the Brexit issue.

    A number of people who voted for Britain to leave the European Union are regretting their vote because of scare tactics by the press. They regret their votes because they have heard the exit could cause political and financial turmoil in the future. This is a normal feeling of confusion and will pass in time. There is no need for a re-vote on the issue.

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