The 'O' in Irish surnames means means 'grandson of': Are we losing touch with our ancestry?

  • Yes, we are losing touch with our ancestry.

    Many people of Irish heritage have surnames beginning with 'O'. However, most of these individuals do not know the meaning of this beginning which is 'grandson of'. These people are losing touch with their ancestry and heritage by not knowing the roots of their surname. The roots of surnames and native languages have been lost as our country has become more diverse.

  • Many Americans are unaware of their history

    A large portion of Americans will have little to say when asked about their heritage. Ancestry is an important and useful thing to know about, but is becoming sadly underrated by most people. The tools for genealogy often are not made readily available to the general public. Many simply cannot afford to research their family history.

  • Our ancestry no longer bears as much significance.

    I do believe that we are losing touch with our ancestry. As generations pass, much less of our history and family background is passed down the line. Our modern thought process places a much greater focus on the future than of the past, and there seems to be a waning interest in keeping informed about where we come from.

  • No, we are not losing touch with our ancestry.

    No, we are not losing touch with our ancestry we are simply becoming a bigger melting pot. It is good to move on and evolve. It is nice sometimes to see the way people have come together from all different nationalities. People should embrace each other no matter what our ancestry is.

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