The Obamacare Tax: Is John Gruber right that American voters are "stupid"?

  • Yes, but not because they were "lied to"

    The average American voter is most definitely stupid. Back in 2013, Jimmy Kimmel interviewed random Americans on the street and asked what they thought of Obamacare, and what they thought of the Affordable Care Act. Many people said they hated Obamacare but thought the ACA was fine. Even though this was by no means a scientific study, it just goes to show you that there are plenty of Americans that have absolutely no idea what's going on in politics, yet pretend to, and that is not a good thing.

  • People don't pay attention or care

    Most people that are in their early twenties are absorbed in social media cites or are playing games. People in this category are a large percentage of the possible voter pool and no longer see how it affects him or her. If people could slip from this sense of apathy maybe voters could be more informed when making decisions.

  • Yes they are

    I think that, unfortunately, he is right because Americans don't care anymore. They just don't care and they are afraid to take a stand and do what is right. They are too concerned with their social status on Facebook and Twitter to care. It is very sad but it is true!

  • Yes, American voters are stupid for allowing Obamacare to go into effect

    When Obamacare went into effect there were many promises made to the American people that have not happened. At the time, experts knew it was wrong, but voters didn't listen or do enough research on how Obamacare would end up effecting them. The Democratic party lacked transparency about the funding provisions of Obamacare.

  • Just vote Dem

    The democrat party has become more socialist every year since 1968, and was already less constitutionally based than Repubs. ( repubs are also going more to socialism every year also, just not as fast as Dems) So we are stupid enough to keep voting for these people, we get what we vote for. It's time to stand up for the constitution, and the type of republic it promises. Unless of course, you passionately believe in socialism. In which case you've got it now. Good luck with that.

  • For The Most Part

    The truth hurts, right? Most voters are stupid but it's not entirely their fault. As a voter I even had a hard time digging up information about the candidates on my ballot and it wasn't for a lack of trying. The politicians have it sewed up and they aren't going to let it go. Either get more and varied people on the ballot or this country is going to stay in the status quo for a good long time.

  • Americans are Not Stupid

    The American voter is not too "stupid" to understand Obamacare. The problem, is that the American voter was decieved. Votes were cast based upon false knowledge. Americans who did their research and looked in depth, were able to vote the way they felt was best based on their knowledge. That is what intelligent people do. The problem is not intelligence, it is the deception of the people in charge to get their way.

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