The oldest tree in the world's location is kept secret to protect it. Is this neccessary?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Today it is possible to visit the oldest trees, and which have been given names: Buddha, Socrates and Prometheus. Before the biological importance of these trees was acknowledged and the necessary measures were taken to protect them, Prometheus succumbed to the axe of a geography student. The Prometheus tree was chained to the mountain like the Titan of Greek mythology. Before it was felled it was the world’s oldest tree.
    And this is why nobody knows where the oldest tree is, and which is called Methuselah. Its exact coordinates remain a secret so that nobody can damage it, in the name of science, magic or fetishism. The world’s oldest tree is the world’s most beautiful secret, hidden among phantom trees and others so old that they existed when the calendar was invented, when Stonehenge was built and when horses were first tamed.


  • It is necessary to keep the oldest tree in the world's location secret.

    It is necessary to keep the oldest tree in the world's location secret. Once people knew where the oldest tree in the world was, it may become a tourist location or popular place to visit. This could possibly lead to the tree dying because of people tampering with the tree, touching it too much, or damaging the local ecosystem.

  • People are why we can't have nice things

    People ruin everything. They love to trample over nature, they love to ruin nature, they love to take pictures with nature to prove they were there. Life for the tree will be much better off if the general public doesn't know where it is because it will be able to grow and live in peace.

  • People are terrible.

    If people didn't do terrible things all the time, there would be no reason to have a police force. Instead, we have to have police in order to protect people from other people. If the wrong people knew the location of the tree, they would destroy it, just to be like that. It's in the public good to keep it a secret.

  • Public tourism is important

    We can't make money if the tree is kept secret, rather just protect and watch over it and it will be okay. Just be cause it is a secret doesn't mean no one can find it, they just don't know the exact location. Someone could easily wonder into it just walking, because it's not protected just hidden.

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