• Yes. It is

    You can not be free under authority the only freedom is freedom! Democracy doesn't work anarchy is the only freedom, Government inherently suppresses free thought. Free thought is necessary for democracy to work. Democracy contradicts it's self I am not saying that anarchy will instantly create a perfect world but the free thought from anarchy will eventually create a perfect world!

  • Anarchy is not freedom

    There has never been a time in history where anarchy has worked, Infact every time it has taken freedom away from the people, So why should it work any better now that we have a better inforced capatillist country so in conclution, No anarchy is not freedom. Freedom does not exist within human beings.

  • Freedom does not exist so even anarchy is not an answer.

    As humans living in society whether or not it's run by government officials or the will of the people there is and always will exist a basic lack of freedom of original thoughts and action. Humans rely on others and their environments to make decisions and thus can never be free to truly think or act for themselves. Any attempt to release our selves from this fact often creates a greater divide in power and less freedom to the people

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