The ontological argument states that god cant not exist because not existence would be imperfection. Without premise perfection must exist?

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  • This whole argument is based on the premise that perfection must exist. Because if perfection does not exist then there is no perfect god.

    And according to the argument of ontology a perfect god isnt a god. The argument says that just because a god thats nonexistent would be imperfect a non existent god cannot exist. The premise that perfection must exist when it comes to god would imply that everything that could be perfect must exist somewhere perfect in every way in which case there is perfect world which would contradict most religions. And it is without premise. The premise for the ontological argument needs a premise and there isnt one. They claim that proves gods existence. But that in itself does not prove gods existence. More is needed. We need the premise for your premise. And for the first cause argument what created god? And to the ontological argument if god is perfect then he must have been created. Nothing as complex as a god could be perfect in every way without being created. If it was created then at one time it didnt exist but wait you say thats impossible. Funny. I thought theists should learn to think for themselves but if this is the best they can do maybe its better that they believe in religions as horrible as they are themselves.

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