The Philippines war on drugs: Have they taken an in-humane approach to fighting the country's drug problems?

  • Yes it isn't working well enough

    Some of the statistics coming out about the Philippines war on drugs are pretty horrible. Nearly all suspects are ending up dead because they are shot by the police. For one this means they can't be trialled and secondly they can't be used for information. Some would snitch which would be a big help. With the current methods a lot of people are ending up dead and not enough information is being received.

  • Yes, they have.

    The Phillipeans have a taken an inhumane approach to the war on drugs. Their war on drugs, much like the war on drugs in the US has ruined more lives than it has saved. Their approach of capital punishiment is no better than drugs lords who kill rivals to take over their territory.

  • No, destroying young men and women with grugs is inhuman.

    I totally agree with the Philippine government and fully support the measures takes to tackle the country's drug problems. For a long time the drugs dealers have destroyed lives making the country unproductive. There is no other way to deal with them other eliminating them by way of jailing them or killing them.

  • They have to get serious.

    America has tried to fight the war on drugs in a way that they supposedly call humane. It hasn't done any good. Children are still dying of drug overdoses all the time in the United States. The Philippines has realized that this hasn't worked. They are at least going to try something new.

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