The Pittsburgh Penguins won their series over the Lightning. Will they win it all?

  • Yes, I believe that the Pittsburgh Penguins will win the Stanley Cup.

    Yes, I believe that the Pittsburgh Penguins will win the Stanley Cup because the Penguins have Sidney Crosby, who is arguably the best player in the NHL. The Penguins also have other top players who are stepping up to the occasion. The Penguins have been to the Stanley Cup three times in the last nine years, and this year they are in a great position to win it all.

  • It all depends on how good they play.

    In any championship, it is hard to tell what team will come out victorious. All we can do is watch and see. Now you can get all scientific and try and guess the odds but at the end of the day nobody really knows for sure. I don't really follow the sport much but if they work hard at it, they just might get it.

  • Penguins beat the Lightning, become new favorite for the Cup!

    The Pittsburgh Penguins shocked the Tampa Bay Lightning on Thursday to end a 7-game series on a quest for the Stanley Cup. Going into this series, I believed that the Tampa Bay Lightning were the best team remaining, and the most likely to win it all, Pittsburgh however, had different plans. With the Lightning down, the Penguins are in prime shape to slide their way to a Stanley Cup victory!

  • No, although the Penguins have playoff experience, the San Jose Sharks have a burning desire to win the cup that will propel them to victory.

    No, the penguins played a great series against the Tampa Bay Lightening, but the Sharks have more offensive prowess as well as a suffocating defense that will shut down the top stars of the Penguins. On top of that, the goalie for San Jose has been playing outstanding, and it has proven very difficult to get pucks past him.

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