The Pope says there should be no killing in God's name. Should the Pope aim his message at other religions?

  • Absolutely, because murder is wrong, period.

    Every single reason that anyone would give for killing in God's name (blasphemy, apostasy, being of another faith, homosexuality, or idolatry) still doesn't make it right, as not only is it still murder, but it is now also a religiously motivated hate crime and hurts His name. It is therefore absolutely necessary that the Pope stand against ALL killings in his name.

  • Absolutely, because murder is wrong, period.

    Nobody should be allowed to kill in God's name, because all of the reasons one would have to do such a thing (homosexuality, blasphemy, apostasy, being of another faith, or even idolatry) doesn't make it any less wrong, as it is still murder and also hurts His name. Therefore, I think it is absolutely necessary that the Pope deliver such a message to all religions.

  • He can have an impact.

    Even if a person isn't Catholic, they still believe that the Pope has important things to say. The Pope is a world leader, and people typically respect him. Of course, not everyone will listen to what the Pope has to say, but if he can convince some people then his message is worthwhile.

  • Yes, in the general sense.

    This question is a bit confusing, since people can only infer that Pope Francis was aiming his comments at specific Muslim religious groups. I'm sure he meant his comments, ultimately, for everyone. In fact, the Pope has mentioned extremist groups from multiple religions, including Buddhism, called out the Korean and Russian government (on nuclear experimentation and inciting violence, respectively), and ultimately called for all countries to step up to their peacemaking efforts. He really didn't leave anybody out.

  • I think that would be okay

    I think it's great that the Pope is discouraging killing in God's name. I think if he speaks generally and doesn't target a specific religion he could encourage others not to kill in God's name. He shouldn't stop targeting his own followers. The Pope should preach the message to all people of all religions who believe in God.

  • No, the Pope should not aim his message about not killing to other religions.

    No, the Pope should not aim his message about not killing to other religions. The Pope is a leader for the Catholic Church. Catholics have chosen him as leader of their organization and they choose to follow his messages. However, other religions have not necessarily chosen to follow him. If he has a message that resonates with people outside the Catholic Church, great, but noone should be targeted with his messages.

  • I agree with the above statement

    I think that the pope should keep to his religion. Especially because if you ask just about anyone they will say that its wrong to kill for they're religion. Although the bible says to kill gays and withes and yet not many Americans (many Americans being Christian) run around killing gay people. Because if they were that would be considered too radical.

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