The powerball jackpot hits $258 million: Should the government tax lottery payouts?

  • Yes, they should be taxed.

    I believe that the government should tax the lottery payouts. This is because of the lots of money that is involved in the lottery. This is evidenced by the powerball jackpot hitting $258 million. This is actually a huge amount of money. The payout should actually be taxed to help with the country's economy.

  • It is income.

    Yes, the government should tax lottery payouts, because it is an important way to gain revenue from the state. A lottery payout is no different than other types of income. Money is money. It doesn't buy any less than other types of money, so it should be taxed the same.

  • Yes, the government should tax lottery payouts.

    Yes, the government should tax lottery payouts because it could be a great form of revenue for the government. It should be treated like income. Someone who wins that much money does not need it all. The government could use its taxes to build bridges and schools for the future.

  • Lottery payouts should be taxed

    I do not think that a strong argument could be made against the State taxing lottery payouts, especially in the case of particularly large windfalls such as the current powerball jackpot. The tax income could then be used to fund projects and initiatives that would benefit the wider community as a whole.

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