The president of Iceland refuses a pay raise. Should members of the U.S. Congress follow suit?

  • They make too much.

    No one should be elected to Congress in their 40s with nothing and then retire a millionaire only a few decades later. Congressmen give themselves way too much. They should be on Obamacare like everyone else. Congress should set a good example and sympathize with the many Americans who are struggling to get by.

  • Maybe they should actually take a cut

    The members of the U.S. Congress are some of the most worthless politicians in the world. They argue loudly about trivial matters that rile up the emotions of the electorate, but ignore the vast problems with the country because they can't score political points that way. If pay were based on merit and not decreed by fiat of the congress itself, they'd be the ones making minimum wage.

  • Yes, members of the U.S. Congress should follow suit.

    Yes, members of the U.S. Congress should follow suit because they need to understand what the American people are going through. If they make too much money, they will not see any problems with the economy and therefore will not represent the average person. They should not make too much as politicians.

  • Live Comfortably, Not Extravagantly

    Members of U.S. Congress should refuse a pay raise because there are people in this country who are struggling to survive and then the lawmakers and decision makers of our country are more than comfortable. They're actually living quite extravagantly for people who are supposedly for the people and public service.

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