The punishment for rape should be neutering.

Asked by: Jeonsaryu
  • It would be sweet revenge

    It would be a sweet vengeance to watch as the men who raped me be unable to make children, and also to constantly remind them of the horrific crime they committed and all the people they have hurt. This is the perfect punishment for one of the worst crimes that can be committed.

  • It prevents it from happening again

    Rapists clearly don't entitle themselves to the responsibility of raising children, so removing their ability to have children or to even have sex in general would greatly reduce their motive. It may not prevent someone bearing a child they never wanted in the first place, but if animals are actively being neutered and spayed for being a nuisance, then humans should face the same ethics.

  • Sounds like a just punishment.

    I think that would only make sense- if you are that out of control with your genitalia then it would be best to put an end to not only the victimizer's frustration but also to ensure the safety of those around you so there won't be any other victims by you. However, since this is an "absolute" decision- this should only be reserved for those who are 100% guilty and have completed non-consent rape between two strangers/uncoupled people. Having this punishment in place would also help to dissuade people from making a very dire mistake- frustrated? Go home and touch yourself.

  • Life w/o parole

    The problem with neutering is what if the man turns out to be innocent? Not only would you have permanently maimed an innocent man but he is likely to be very angry about it, maybe wanting revenge. In fact whether innocent or guilty you're going to have a very angry man.

    This could also increase false accusations by people who want revenge. It's best to just give rapists life w/o parole.

  • Extreme punishment... But only for the 6% of rapists who actually get any punishment at all

    What's more important is to ensure that more rapists are given jail time, which is really not the case. About 97% walk free without punishment (source: RAINN Before we start handing out these extreme sentences, what about ensuring all rapists are punished? This can't just be for the minority. The problem here isn't that we don't have harsh punishments, the problem is we don't have any punishment for most people. Another thing that needs to be dealt is the treatment of rape victims by police personnel and society in general. For testimonies perhaps check out Project Unbreakable, where people have written about reactions they recieved after reporting the crime. If rape culture is abolished then people will be more open with reporting these crimes and the rapists may actually be convicted. Also - neutering wouldn't help in the case of rapists who have vaginas

    Posted by: kebs
  • Integrity of the accuser isn't always accurate

    It's known that a lot of times people will be accused of rape as a form of retaliation for personal feelings. A woman finds out her husband cheats on her, so after weeks of planning she comes up with a plan of living a fantasy where she is "raped" after the fact she calls and reports her husband for marital rape! While this isn't common, there needs to be an stipulation placed on burden of proof, and a lot of times tests are inconclusive but, the accusation is sever enough to sway a jury.

    The form of permanently disfiguring anyone as a method of punishment is medieval, or if you prefer barbaric.

    According to a correctional officer I know (state withheld) the penal system knows that 3% of all convicted inmates within the specific state are in fact innocent, this statistic is enough to warrant opposition to the argument of permanently disfiguring anyone as a form of punishment.

  • Permanant Punishment for Temporary Offense

    The vast majority of the time, the guy (due to societal conditioning) is not even aware that he did something wrong. If he were to be educated, rehabilitated, and made to sit down with rape victims, then rape wouldn't be such a big problem.

    Frankly, this punishment seems like it would just give women a ridiculous amount of power over men, when you couple it with the "Yes means Yes" laws.

  • No, Not by itself.

    Neutering shouldn't even be considered punishment. Many inmates convicted for multiple rapes undergo the procedure out of their free will, because they're tired of feeling such strong desire. I think the only punishment proportional to the psychological damage rape does would be removal of the rapist's penis, so that he cannot feel sexual pleasure ever again. Neutering could be complimentary, to prevent aggressive behavior after re-socialization.

  • Very Extreme Punishment

    I'm pretty sure this goes under the "No Cruel and Unusual Punishment" part of the 8th Amendment. Permanently damaging or scarring a person's body definitely is cruel and unusual punishment and is unreasonable, for any crime.

    A lot of rapists don't rape because they have malicious intent. Sometimes it's unintentional, or maybe it's an act of stupidity, which isn't a crime (in most cases). Take this situation for example: a high school senior guy and a high school freshman girl are dating. They have been dating for 5 some years already, and have had some occasional sex. Unfortunately, the girl's parents hate the guy. The day the guy turns 18 and has birthday sex with his girlfriend, the girl's parents immediately have the guy arrested for statutory rape because minors are not eligible to give consent. Does this guy deserve to be neutered?

    A guy and a girl at a party get extremely drunk and they start to have sex. The girl says yes, but girls are not eligible to give consent when intoxicated. So when the girl wakes up, she freaks out because she doesn't know why she's sleeping naked next to a guy and haves him arrested for statutory rape. Does this guy deserve to get neutered?

    There are plenty of cases where this type of thing happens. It will be very difficult to distinguish between those who really have a fetish for rape and those who are just unfortunate. Very extreme punishment, and it leaves large rooms for error, and error in this case has very big consequences.

  • Rape is not about sex.

    For the most part, rape is about control and dominance. It is about controlling and dominating someone, in an attempt to subject their will as "less than" the rapist's will. It is a mindset of "what I want is more important than even your most basic rights." Neutering them does not change their mind set, it will usually just re-enforce it (since it tells them that having power lets one, in this case the government, do whatever they want). A better solution is to attempt to change the mindset that thinks rape is okay. Then if that mindset cannot be correct, just removed from society.

  • You have to be kidding me

    You wanna know what America and any other god forsaken country does about rape? They put them in jail! What if the get out and do it again? They go back to jail! They cannot rape innocent people while they are in jail! Cutting off their balls would be cruel beyond measure. It would serve no purpose but to humiliate and taunt the accused forever. Just send them to jail for god's sake.

  • Harms outweigh the benefits

    Because of the way that the U.S. justice system is made, not only do people often receive punishment for crimes that they did not commit, but have to live with the effects of that. Let's not force those who have not committed a crime to get the punishment for it

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