The Queen of England and the Prince of Whales have the power to veto legislation. Should the monarchy be abolished?

  • The British monarchy should be abolished

    The British monarchy should be abolished. Recently, it was revealed the Queen of England and Prince of Whales have the power to veto legislation. This should not be the case since the U.K. is a democracy, and these decisions should be in the hands of elected officials. The monarchy is outdated in this day and age.

  • Only if it is necessary.

    The monarchy has been around forever and people seem to love the Royals like they are movie stars or some other fashionable celebrity. I feel like the monarchy really isn't that relevant but I think they make a good side piece to keep morale up and assist with anything needed.

  • Long live the Queen!

    The British monarchy is far too ingrained in the ethos of the British people, and even those of Canada, to simply abolish the monarchy. The queen and prince have the political propriety and social awareness to respect the needs and wants of the people when considering legislation before them. The monarchy conveys a sense of pride and prestige, not a legislative body.

  • No, all politicians come and go, but Monarchy is forever.

    The Monarch is a national icon. An icon which cannot be replaced adequately by any other politician or personality. This is because the British Monarchy embodies British history and identity in all its aspects, both good and bad. So long as we believe in nation states and so long as we need governing systems to govern nation states, then we will continue to need Heads of State: people who can represent the nation to itself and to the world. A Head of State can provide a personal identity to an impersonal State, and a collective sense of itself.

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