The reasons America fought its Revolutionary and Civil Wars are good; but Russia’s reasons are bad. Is Russia just evil?

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  • NO - The reasons America fought its Rev. & Civ. wars are NOT good, and Russia's reasons aren't good either.

    I hate that there are such common generalizations of such large groups such as an entire race, gender, political party, or COUNTRY?! Why would you think that an entire country was responsible for a rev. or civ war? Also, even the people directly responsible for a war are not EVIL.... In fact, what evidence do you have that good or evil even exist? And why would you classify a person as being FULLY GOOD or FULLY evil? Even the Bible states that people should not pass judgement upon others. Also, I think God is supposed to forgive people who sin, and if god created the world, then that means he created the people in it, including the people in charge of starting the wars, and even if we do have free will, he was completely aware at the start of creation of the events that would take place. Does that mean that "god" is evil??

  • Bloody Sunday (1905)

    Why is it that the reasons America fought its Revolutionary and Civil Wars are considered Good; but the reasons Russia fought its Revolutionary and Civil wars are considered Evil?
    Is it because they are “Communists” and “Communists” are Evil?
    Who knows why the Bolsheviks (Red Army) fought against the White Guard (i.e., armies of the Tsar Nicholas II) from 1914 through 1921?
    The Bolsheviks fought to get away from the tyranny of the Tsar Nicholas II who celebrated the tercentenary (300 years) of Romanov rule in Russia in 1913. “The House of Romanov was the second and last imperial dynasty to rule over Russia, reigning from 1613 until the 1917 overthrow of the monarchy during the March Revolution.”
    The allegedly worst atrocity ("czarist") tyranny is described today in my "Britannica" as follows: "Police fired on a peaceful demonstration.” This happened on Sunday, Jan. 22, 1905, and hence the phrase "Bloody Sunday" became a symbol of the brutality of "czarist" tyranny, the worst tyranny imaginable. An orthodox priest organized a march of around 30,000 to the Czar’s residence to ask for the improvement of living conditions of the poor, a complaint that is not absent in the United States a century later.” The Tsar’s official recorded 96 death and 333 injured. Anti-government sources say 4,000 were murdered; moderate estimates have at least 1,000 murdered.
    America fought the American Revolution to get away from the tyranny of King George III. So, it is OK for American to fight a war against a tyrant; but, it is not OK for the Bolsheviks to fight a war against a tyrant.
    “George III was king of Great Britain and Ireland from 1760 to 1811. The third monarch from the House of Hanover, … but he is best known as the "tyrant," called "unfit to be the ruler of a free people" in the Declaration of Independence (1776), who lost the American Revolution (1775–1783).”
    Some at this site like to misstate the facts and say that over 150 million were murdered by Communists in Russia and China. It is not clear where they are getting their misinformation. But, a book published in France in 1997 – “The Black Book of Communism: Crimes, Terror, Repression” edited by Stephane Courtois was sensationalized in the World Press and is often cited as an authoritative source, which it is not. In this book, he claims that the number murdered by Communist regimes in the Soviet Union is 20 million.
    But, this man is falsifying the data and pretty much just making SWAGs – Super Wild Arse Guesses.
    But, the bourgeoisie press, wealthy capitalists and their politicians love this sensationalism. They love to quote these SWAGs as proof that Communism is bad and Capitalism is great, which is the biggest lie ever, next to “Reaganomics, supply-side economics, which is referred to as trickle-down economics.”
    America is still waiting for trickle-down economics to happen, 32 years later.

  • Not at all

    I think that the myth of Russians being an evil group of people is exactly that, a myth. It is a remnant from the cold war and is something that we as a nation need to shake off and get over. Russian people are people like everyone else in the world.

  • No, the reasons for fighting a revolution is not founded on "evil" principles

    Russia had their own agendas for fighting in their own revolution. It is not inherently evil or good. War, regardless is a force for change, whether good or for bad. It is a matter of opinion and difference in ideologies. The reasons for our revolution and civil war is not so different from Russia's. While Russia's revolution seemed a bit more traumatic and violent, it is not in of itself an evil act. The populace at large needed a change, and sometimes revolution is the best way to go about change.

  • No, Russia is not evil.

    The reasons anyone fights a revolutionary or civil war are about the same. The people fighting the war for freedom feel that the country that holds power over them does not do a good job as manager. I do not think that you can paint a country as evil. Russia has had some very cruel rulers, very ineffective rulers, and some good rulers. I think that some of the reasons that the people rebel against Russian leaders is the iron rule they hold. The state run media and other dictatorship type of tactics. But to say Russia is just evil, I do not believe a country itself can be evil or good. The leaders they have can be god or bad or even evil.

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