The rich are getting richer from stock market gains: Should the government give us all money to invest?

  • Government stock market

    Yes I do think that the government should give each of us some money to invest in stocks. It would give us all a chance to gain wealth from the stock market and not just people who are already rich and getting richer. It would be more fair to everyone.

  • Asinine Question to ask..

    What possesses people with this astoundingly arrogant sense of entitlement under the auspices of "fairness" remains a point of conjecture, but more than likely it is just a fear of adulthood or the progressive ideology offering citizens a second childhood. You have a tremendous welfare state with trillions in unfunded liabilities but someone actually managed to call for the the government to supply everyone with investment money? Don't worry, the stock market highs right now are a reflection of a massive bubble inflated by the pumping of trillions of dollars into the economy by the Federal Reserve with near zero percent rates and the following collapse will wipe away trillions of dollars in illusory wealth just as the housing bubble bursting showed us back in 2007-2008. Of course there will be someone to blame capitalism for the mess.

  • We can't afford it.

    No, the government should not give us all money to invest in the stock market, because we would go bankrupt if we did that. No matter what our government does, we can never make things perfectly equal for everybody. There is no way to manage or police a system like that. We are better off the way we are, even if some get rich and others don't.

  • Nothing Lost is Ever Gained

    If the government just handed out money for people to invest, how would you ever feel like you were getting rich? Part of the "fun" if investing is the gamble of putting your own money up to possibly get gains and have potential losses. If you were given money to invest, you probably wouldn't study on the best stocks and would just toss your money at something and hope that it makes you money. If you are losing your own cash, there is more of a reason to pay attention and more of a reason to be proactive.

  • nothing is for free

    people must work for what they want if everything was free no one would have motivation to do anything , good work ethic is important to ones character, if everything was free there would be no value on anything and the economy would not exist, unfair things would happen. work!

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