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That party and everyone who votes for it must be exterminated.

  They are white They are male They are conservative They are capitalist They are evil This is the face of Nazism. Trump is just a symptom. It's a shame that we allow such a party to even exist. These are not people. They are a bunch of filthy monsters not worth looking into their eyes. EXTERMINATE, REEDUCATE, ABOLISH POWER TO THE PEOPLE! BLACK L IVES MATTER
pillows says2020-10-09T16:54:15.777
Your the same person who thought it was a good idea to make white familys illegal, So I doubt your opinion is reliable, And if im correct you liked your own comment or whatever the hell you want to call it
FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-10-10T12:05:41.357
They are over half the country, So what youre calling for is the extermination of America. You realize once you cross the line from "criticism amongst fellow citizens" to "all out enemy" you no longer matter. Whatever change you thought you were making is now just fuel for Americans to unify against you. We are pretty good at beating back extremists and genocidal maniacs like yourself. Thats something I can at least say we are good at.
FreedomBeforeEquality says2020-10-10T12:06:36.470
Historically speaking. . .
pixelpatriot777 says2020-11-02T18:55:28.533
Pretty damn racist if I do say so myself.
23crlucas says2021-02-17T17:23:03.237
Historically speaking, Nazis were not even close to capitalists. They were conservatives of that time. Gender has nothing to do with a f***ing party that was involved in causing one of the worst genocides in human history.
The face of nazism is when rights are being taken away. The first step to nazi control is indoctrination and rights being taken away. (I will continue this when I have the time, I have a life to do)
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