• Guns against government.

    The 2nd ammendment clarifies that you have the right to bear arms against the GOVERNMENT. Why do you think that Chicago really wanted to take away their right to bear arms? So the government can take over basically. If the government takes away our right, murderers can still steal guns like they usually do and kill us all because we won't have anything to protect ourselves with.

  • The 2nd amendment

    Ok 1st I just want to say that the second amendment clearly states that Americans have the right to bear arms. 2nd the right to bear arms was not made so that citizens feel safe from criminals(though it does help). It was made so that if the government ever became tyrannical then the citizens could fight them. It's about keeping the United States populace free.

  • go read the constitution.

    It's right there. Second paragraph of the bill of rights. But here's the awesome part, you also have the right to NOT EXCERSIZE your rights. Go live in commiefornia if you don't want to live with guns. But just because we have guns, and just because some dumbass kid abused his rights, doesn't mean we don't get our rights. If you don't like your rights go live in China. I'm sure they would love you there.

  • Yes, for securing your protection.

    Taking away my right to bear arms is like taking away my protection. A person can use a gun to protect from intruders and criminals and help in a dangerous situation. Many people think that banning guns takes away the need to protect yourself. This argument has no truth because just making possession of a weapon illegal does not mean that people will get rid of their guns. Similarly, murder is illegal, however people still commit this crime. Passing a law to ban guns will only increase black market customers for them which in turn drives up the rate of gun-related crimes. Owning guns should be a right so that Americans can protect against the individuals who want to harm them.

  • What happens to the crimes?

    If we have our right to bear arms taken away the crime rate will be 1000% higher and it will still grow until the military will have to be issued and I don't want that to happen. Think about when the rest of the world finds out that we are taking away the right to bear arms.

  • Yes, since it is a Constitutional Amendment.

    Americans have the right to bear arms until there is a Constitutional Amendment that changes it. We can't cherry pick what rights to allow and not to allow. If the people feel strongly enough that the right to bear arms is no longer needed then we have process that allows us to amend it. Until it is amended however, yes, Americans have the right to bear arms unless due process removes the right from an individual.

  • "When the people fear the government there is Tyranny"- Thomas Jefferson

    We The People need our rights to bear arms against Government. It is the government's job to uphold our rights, to protect the Constitution. When they are taking them away we need to be able to defend ourselves. Even against those that don't abide by the laws of the land. How then will we be able to defend ourselves? Wake up people. "When the government fears the people there is Liberty"-Thomas Jefferson

  • Yes since it's enshrined as a constitutional right.

    The right to bear arms is an individual right which is guaranteed by the American constitution. Everyone has the right to protect them selves their loved ones and their property. Carrying arms in a responsible way helps to make the place safer as people know that they just cant mess with anyone

  • Guns don't kill people.

    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.
    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.
    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.
    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.
    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.
    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.
    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.
    Guns don't kill people. People kill people.

  • A little history

    The bill of rights 1689 had a purpose." The individual right to arms was legislated against by King James II (who used militia to enforce his laws, or more particularly to solve his tax-gathering problems). James’s abuses led to his gentle overthrow, and the Bill of Rights in 1689 restated the common law."
    That was carried to the new world and eventually put in our laws for the very same reason.That very same right to bear arms is why we beat back the British and gained our freedom in America.
    I ask every American to remain vigilant, stay armed and keep your skills tuned in the event any other nation tries to overrun us in the future. I don't foresee this happening since they know we still have this precious right to bear arms enshrined in our 2nd amendment for the past 221 years. Anyone would be foolish to think we would give up that right.

  • NO! Unless your a police officer, a soldier at war, or a trained hunter there should be no need to carry a gun ....

    (rule of thumb in my country is that if your gonna shot it you had better be eating it)

    People... What kind of world are we living in that so may people feel paranoid thinking everyone is out to kill you. I feel sorry for you all that you have been threatened and manipulated in this way. I'm so grateful that I live in a country were it's illegal to carry a weapon of any kind. I don't worry about someone threatening my personal safety but i do exercise caution in that I try not to put my self in a situation that could possibly compromise mine or anyone else's safety.

    You do have the option as a civilized nation to make an amendment to your constitution in order to accommodate the evolving changes in society for the better.

    Posted by: SVS
  • I want my freedom!

    I want my freedom to be able to approach people, without fear of them shooting me. I want my security in knowing that if I accidentally bump someones fender in car that I'm not going to get shot. I want to be able to knock on someones door and ask for directions without being shot. I don't like thinking everytime someone raises their voice someone could get shot. I don't want to be around people having a bad day especially if they are carring a gun. AND I HATE THE COCKY, ARROGANT, ATTITUDE of the cowards carring the guns. Guns are made for killing! Military, law officials. Hunters and farmers are the only people (with proper training) that need guns. If your affraid of criminals, then pay your taxes and put more protection on the streets. We don't need a bunch of NRA $50. Memberships, with two hours of gun safty classes, running around acting like vigilantes. The NRA wants you to believe you need a gun only for their cause and to fatten their pockets. The second amendment was written December 15, 1791 for military and law officials (militia). I don't want America to look/be like a third world country with a bunch of idiots running around with guns! I want my freedom to live in a country where citizens don't carry guns!!! And for all you who want to start listing gun laws in other countries.... Stop comparing our country to others for there is no greater country than ours!!!!

    Posted by: JRM
  • Why should owning guns be a right?

    I never really understood this whole thing about the "right" to bear arms. What exactly is it about owning guns that people are so uptight about. Sure it's in the constitution of your country but can't you see that this so called "right" leads to more problems then it solves. Please explain to me how having your guns removed prevents you from living a fulfilling life.

  • Of course not

    OK, the most common thing I hear that annoys me about this is the "oh but we'll be safe cause we can fight back now, look at Sweden!" well, when you look at all the other stats, countries that have lower gun ownership rates (e.G. Tunisia with a gun ownership rate of 0.1/100 000 citizens) all have exponentially lower crime rates than the US (per capita). This only goes to show that it's something about the US that leads to this ridiculously high gun violence rate. American culture is just that kind of thing where everyone distrusts the government and seems to think that they need a gun to defend themselves against tyranny. The Second Amendment was there to create a militia to protect against British invaders, not the government. Stop being so paranoid people.

  • The literal not the fragmented

    No one I know is in a militia with the intent and purpose of throwing off the shackles of an non-voted for government. So with a working government that those who want to bear arms have voted for those who are protected by and can vote for do not have a "constitutional" right.

  • A privilege to bare arms

    The United States is the only first world country to have a right. The US has the highest murder rate of developed countries. It is time to change and look at society protection in other views. For example, one needs to take a firearms course then followed by background check. This would apply to each person. Any red flags raised then too bad and strengthen the laws in which firearms have been used in crimes. If you are a good citizen then you have a privilege to own as many firearms as you wish.

  • No restrict them

    In my opinion the only people that should have these kind of weapons should be the police and Military. The 2nd amendment protects the right to bare arms, but was does a right become more damaging to a society than the protection that it is suppose to give us? People In my opinion, the right to bare arms should be kept in place and protected,e.
    Many other developed countries that have more restrictive gun laws have fewer killings per year than the United States. Most have less than 10 percent of the United States. Was it just the difference in the laws? Canada had more gun owners per capita then the United States, but less murders from guns? They have restrictive assault rifle laws. I think that Canada is so close to the United States. The citizens are almost the same. What is the thing that makes the difference in gun related deaths? The police would probably like it if they came into a call knowing that no one there had superior firepower then themselves,
    The authors of the constitution and bill of rights wrote “the right to bare arms” as the second amendment. That tells me that it was pretty important to them to make it 2nd on the bill of rights. Think back to when the bill of rights was written. The term “arms” was referring to single shot muskets, not automatic assault rifles that can kill dozen of people Muskets only were deadly at close range and only if they hit vital organs. We just finish a war of independence where soldiers from far away would come onto American lands, take what they wanted uninvited and unwanted. We defeated our land and became our own country. This was because of the weapons every man had been used to accomplish this great feat. But I feel that our forefathers did not anticipate the assault weapons that are made these days.Background checks are a great idea to try to keep weapons out of the wrong hands. But the people that go through a background check are not the usual people that comment these horrendous crimes. Keeping guns out of the mentality ill, the children or anyone that does not know how to properly use a gun is the hard part. Also there are hundreds of guns obtained illegally. It seems that a lot of the illegal guns are these killing assault rifles. Now if they are illegally obtained and hidden from any law enforcement agency than it makes it even harder to keep them out of the wrong hands. If the assault rifles were illegal all together than once they are found on any person legal or not they would be off the street and impossible for them to land in the wrong hands.It is a tragedy that any person is killed by gun violence. It ismore of a tragedywhen it is theinnocent, someonewalking home from the store minding there own businessall because wehave “the right to bare arms.”

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