The Romanian Prime Minister has made some biased comments towards the Roma minority. Do his statements reflect the government's position?

  • PM Speaks for Government

    As the head of the government, the Romanian prime minister speaks for the entire government when he made biased comments towards the Roma. Yes, not everyone in his government feels that way. However, if that is the government's position towards the Roma then that presents a problem. No one should be marginalized in Romania.

  • Romanian Prime Minister

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  • Reflects His Position

    I believe when a politician makes biased remarks he is more than likely being very honest about his own position on a matter. This can be very telling. I believe when the Romanian Prime Minister made biased comments towards the Roma minority, it reflected his position and not necessarily that of the governments.

  • The government is supportive.

    No, the Romanian Prime Minister's statements that are biased toward the Roma minority do not reflect the government's position, because other governmental officials have made comments that ar exactly the opposite. The Romanian people are welcoming to the Roma people and want to help them integrate into society in the easiest and smoothest way possible.

  • Not at all

    No, everything that this man said was aimed just to make the people that support him a little happier. He was not wanting to make people mad, nor did not believe what all that he said. He was just trying to say something to get more votes later on at elections.

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