The Russian embassy in the U.K. has mocked Europeans as “gay pigs." Does this reflect the attitude of the Russian people?

  • It represents a prevalent homophobic attitude.

    In Russia, there are vast swathes of the population who think that it is not only acceptable but, in fact, morally superior to proudly profess homophobic attitudes and prejudices. This is seen as being one of the things that makes Russia better and morally superior to the rest of the world, particularly Europe which is painted as decadent.

  • Yes, The Russian population has been known to be rude and not care about what they say.

    Yes, it is my belief that the Russian embassy is representative of how Russians act towards others. Now, of course, this is not true about every Russian, but for the most part, Russians are known to be rude and malicious towards other and not be apologetic for it. Overall, I believe that Russians in general are a lot harsher than many other cultures.

  • Russian label for Europeans reflects the attitude of people in Russia and around the world

    Yes, the Russian embassy's mocking label of Europeans as "gay pigs" seems to reflect the attitude of some Russian people. More disturbingly, it seems to reflect the attitude of many people around the world--not so much in their attitude toward Europeans, but rather the attitude that it is acceptable to use derogatory terms freely. It is happening in public, newsworthy events as well as day-to-day conversations among individuals.

  • No, this does not reflect the attitude of the Russian people.

    No, this does not reflect the attitude of the Russian people because leaders are often chosen by a small percentage of the population. Just like Donald Trump does not speak for all Republicans, members of the Russian embassy in the UK do not represent the views and thoughts of every Russian person.

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