The Schiaparelli Mars lander has crashed. Are we investing enough in the space program?

  • More should be invested in our own planet.

    I believe that less money should be invested in the space program, and more money invested into our own planet and the issues we are currently facing. While it is important to explore realms unknown and expand our knowledge of the immense galaxy, we are dealing with many crises across the planet, and those should be addressed prior to funds being allocated to other projects.

  • Yes, we're investing plenty in the space program.

    The lander is hundreds of thousands of miles away, and NASA's in contact via radio. You should expect things to go wrong. However, rovers and landers and other space technologies are important because we can study the ecology of other planets and develop technology that improves life right here on Earth.

  • The problem is not lack of funding.

    The space program is incredibly well funded and the scientists and engineers engaged in this kind of work make things work within their budget. The problems are not owing to a lack of a funding but slow progress in developing new forms of technology that will prevent system meltdowns. Many of these projects are in development and are funded by tax-payers but they take a long time to come to fruition and often hit dead ends.

  • Science is the Path Forward

    We spend far too much on useless crap like entitlements that only move humanity backwards and has in fact been proven to reduce the size of the middle class. What we need is investment in science so that the quality of life will increase for everyone. By increasing funding for space exploration, we might one day even be able to send masses of humans to space colonies and reduce the stress of overpopulation on Earth.

  • No, we are no longer funding the space program adequately.

    No, the space program has not received enough funding for many years. Publicly announced grant and budget cuts have shown an increased disinterest in the research and knowledge that the program has provided. While other governmental projects are indeed important, it is equally vital we research a vast are of which we have very little knowledge.

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